Top 5 Sex Positions To Try

Every adult wants to satisfy his/her partner in bed. But this cannot always be achieved by simply having sexual intercourse. Often it can help to experiment with different sex positions. They will help to stimulate you and maintain climax during intercourse. Unfortunately, some people do not know some of the best sex positions. This is why we present you with top 5 best sex positions that will leave both you and your adult partner sexually satisfied.

Doggy Style
This is one of the most fantastic sex positions. The woman lies on her back with her hips raised. The man then approaches her from behind and penetrate her vagina. This gives you the excellent position stimulate her G-spot and is comfortable for both partners.

Butterfly Position
This is when the woman lies back and puts her legs on your shoulders. This position will also enable you penetrate her while standing. It provides the best angle for stimulating her cervix. This makes it easy for your woman to achieve an intense orgasm.

Modified Coital Alignment
This is where the man gets on top a woman in a lying position. He then penetrates deeply inside her vagina. The woman here must put her legs together between that of the man. The man then shifts his weight forward in order to exert pressure on the woman’s clitoris. This stimulates her clitoris thus making it easy for the woman to achieve orgasm.

69 Position
This is where either you or your sex partner lies on top of each other but in opposite directions. In other words, you assume the number 69. This is the best sex position when engaging in oral sex.

The Seated Scissors
This is the best sex position for women who want to control the depth of penetration into their vagina. The man lies flat on his back with his knees bent. The woman sits on top of him with her vagina on his penis and one leg between those of the man. The woman then finds the best spot to grind herself against the man’s penis. This also allows her to control pace during sex.

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